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Relations And Their Names in Tulu

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Appe-Balelu: Mother and children

Tammale-Arvatte: Father in law (mother’s brother) and Nephew

Tammale-Marmal: Father in law and Niece

Mama-Marmaye: Father in law (Wife’s father) and Son in law

Mami-Marmal: Mother in law and Daughter in law

Bave- Nanke: Brother in law (sister’s husband) and wife’s brother

Tage-Tangadi: Brother and sister

Megdi-Paldi: Younger and elder sister

Kandani-Bodedi: Husband-Wife

Maitidi: Husband’s sister

Maitine: Husband’s younger brother

Attige: Brother’s wife

Megye-Palaye: Younger brother and elder brother

Amar Jokulu: Twins

Tiddamme -Tiddappe: Father’s Brother and his wife

Chikki/Chikkamma-Tiddi: Mother’s sister and her husband

Periyappe/Nelappe/Mallamma-Nelammer/Mallappa: Mother’s elder sister and her husband

Doddappa-Doddamma: Father’s elder brother and wife

Mage-Magal: Son and daughter

Ajjer-Dodda: Grandparents

Pijja-Pijji: Great Grandparents

Pulli: Grandchild

Pilli: great Grandchild

Talli: great great Grandchild



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    • No appe is mother u are are confusing it with appa which is generally used for father …similarly amme or ammer is for father and u r confusing it with amma which is used for mother.