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My name is Gandhi- a cleverly directed short film

What do you think about a beggar when he stretches his hand towards you for a coin of Rs. One or two. Most of the people prefer to neglect him. But what if he has some noble cause behind his begging?

“My Name is Gandhi” a short film directed by young and talented Pawan Kumar narrates a story of a beggar with a dream.

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Director has cleverly woven some social messages like save water, don’t be greedy and stay away from alcohol, in a 20 minutes 20 second movie.

Pawan himself played the character of the beggar. Along with Devaprasad, Nithin, Rajesh George has played pivotal roles in the short film.

While story was provided by Pawan Kumar, Editing and Cinematography has been done by Mohit Kumar.
The film was released on You Tube on May 24 and has garnered good response from the people.

My name is Gandhi has been short listed for Arena Short Films Awards which will be held on 26th May at Town Hall in Mangaluru.

Tuluadda Wish all the very best to the team of ‘My Name is Gandhi’