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Madhur Ganapati Temple: The Last Ganapathi Temple of Tulunad

If one is speaking about Tulunad, without even mentioning Kasargod, then it would  be unfair on the parts of Taulava’s (Tuluvas). No one can deny the fact that Kasargod was once a part of Tulunad.

One can meet and find Tulu people and culture in the district. Out of most famous Ganesha temples of Tulunad (Gokarna, Mandarthi, Idagungi, Kumbashi, Anegudde, Sahravu) Madhur Ganapathi holds the same place among all those temples.


The Madanatheshwara temple, located at the banks of Madhuvani river is calm and quiet place. Surrounded with greenery all around, makes one experience peace within. The mythology goes as same as that of Kateel, that a lady named Madaru found the swayambu linga. Addition to this, the Ganapathi idol was drawn by a boy, basically a priest’s son. Well, every temple has braminical touch into it which has no proof yet!


There is probablity that the temple might get drowned during flood as it is located at the banks of the river. The temple architecture is unique unlike stone built temples in general.  It is of 3-tiered Gajapratishta type  architecture which resembles the back of an elephant.

Another story associated with the temple that the invasion of Tippu during his Malabar ventures. He wanted to destroy the temple but he couldn’t as he drank the water from the well and changed his mind. As a mark of his invasion into the temple he makes a cut into the wall of the well and moves ahead.

One would be really happy to visit this temple as it is located at the serene ambiance of nature. One more fact that it is so close to heart that even devided by the borders of states but united by the culture, tradition and people of Tulunad.



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