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Koral Parba & Nativity Fest: Cultural Resemblance in Tuluvas and Catholics

Tulunad is a land of religious harmony. Since ages various religions and their traditions and customs have been followed and celebrated in the land with lot of love and brotherhood. The people who have hailed from other parts of the world have also been following some of the local customs and traditions that had prevailed in Tulunad.

One such ritual one can see here is Nativity festival of Mother Mary by Catholics. The festival much resembles like our Koral parba/Ill dinjavun. Where the new crop is cut from the rice field and is brought into the house.

Catholics celebrate Mother Mary’s birthday on 8th of Semptember. Even before the day the Novena begins ten days ahead of the birth day of Mary. Small children put flowers to Mary’s idol early morning in the church for ten days.

Catholics like Tuluvas are farmers basically. They too show gratitude towards Mother Nature. On the day of festival, they prepare various vegetarian dishes. They bring the’ Koral’ and sugar cane home that is distributed in the church.


They have to prepare around eight different types of dishes with various vegetable including tev-padpe. This is also prepared by Tuluvas during Chauti. On the day of festival, all the family members have lunch together in banana leaf. As same as Tuluvas Puddar onas.

Tulunad is  the place were we can see harmony among all the religions. This can be seen during these festivals. The catholic people invite their friends and neighbors to their houses on that day.  This particular festival of Catholics, resembles most with Tuluva’s Puddar da Onas.

On the day of Puddar lots of dishes are made at home. The koral is brought from the field and is tied along with bamboo, jack fruit and mango leaves. These leaves are then tied to various rooms and storage compartments of the houses. The ritual is ill dinjavun that suggest that the house shall be filled with food grains and happiness always.

Both Puddar and Nativity fest are related to agriculture that shows the harmony between two different religions with different culture but same customs. Even after modernization and technological inventions, these rituals are still prevailing in the deep down corners of our Tulunad, gives us reason to be happy that our cultures are still existing somewhere on earth..