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It Tastes Bitter, But Always a Choice Better

Neem as we call it, is the bitterest plant available in our neighborhood. But is definitely a better option than any other medicine available in the surrounding. It can not only cure 64 various types of diseases, can also be used as pesticide in agriculture as well.

It is best antioxidant, anti germ, antiseptic, antibiotic, pesticide and insecticide and what not? From leaves, stem, fruit to root each and every part of neem tree is useful to us. If you have a neem tree near your house then you surely are the luckiest person. Because you are getting air purifier free of cost!

Neem leaves eaten as it is or neem water consumed daily keeps many diseases away from you.

# It helps in reducing cholesterol.

# Small children will never have worm problems in life.

# Controls blood sugar level in the body

#Enhances immunity of a person and makes him less prone to any kind of fewer.

#Neem paste can be applied on face to get rid of any facial problems.

# Also neem is very useful in treating head lice problems in school kids.neem_juice


# Neem oil available in the market can be bought and used in skin allergies and joint pains.

#It is also a natural and effective insecticide. Floor can be cleaned with neem water.

# Neem is a good pesticide. People who are into agriculture or farming can use neem as pesticide.

# Not only humans but your pets can also be given neem water bath once in a while.

Neem is one such medicine with no side effects. It costs nothing but gives us healthy life.

Neem leaves can be  put into rice/lentil containers to preserve  rice/ lentils them for longer period. If it is possible, one can have bath with neem water every day. If it is difficult for you to get neem leaves daily then you can get it once, dry it, make fine power out of it and use whenever you need.

People with dental problems can use neem sticks made up of neem tree stems. Use of neem will keep dental problems miles away.

One can easily make neem solution by crushing the leaves and putting it in water. For prolonged preservation, one can boil and strain the water and can keep it in refrigerator.

There is no better plant like neem on earth. Neem is our native plant and needs less water. It has very prominent place in Ayurveda and is called as sarva roga nivarak. Foreigners knew the benefits of neem and wanted to patent  this very own plant of our country!

Instead of going in for artificial drugs and cosmetics which are good for nothing, if neem is available in your surroundings, go and pluck some leaves and start using it. Because neem is a wonder drug.