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Instant and Easy Home Remedies for Malaria

Malaria is a common and dangerous disease in our neighborhood these days. Even after governments taking lot of cautions, it has been difficult to curb the disease completely. In this regard what one can do is can take lot of preventive measures in advance not get a mosquito bite.

Even after your efforts to prevent the disease, if you have the symptoms of Malaria then there are some easy tips to curb the effect of the disease


  • Immidiately consume two-four Tulsi leaves with two peppercorns. Grind the leaves with peppercorns and eat it. It will boost your immunity to fight against the virus.
  • Drink lemon water. Squeeze lemon juice into a glass of luke warm water and drink it. It will restore the energy in your body helping reducing the temperature.
  • Fenugreek is one of the best medicines to curb the weakness caused by the disease. Some of the fenugreek seeds can be boiled in water and can be consumed.
  • Cinnamon can be used as a drug to cut off the weakness, vomiting, indigestion, muscle cramps and loss of appetite in Malaria patients. The decoction of Cinnamon without adding milk can be had in regular intervals.


These are some simple and easy tips to fight with the deadly disease. One do not have to worry or panic if he has the symptoms for Malaria. The nature has given us so many wonder drugs just inside our kitchen!

These day to day ingredients of our cookery are nothing but immunity enhancers. So keep them handy and stay healthy.