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Headache? Say No to Pills: Try These Home Remedies

Almost all of us suffer from headache once in a while. Although most of the headache occurs from stress, tension and anxiety, sometimes our unhealthy life styles can too be the root cause of headache. People whose job involves Tv, Computer or any other devices, which puts lot of stress on eyes too get headache often.

One of the best method to fight headache is relaxing one self. Meditation is one of the tested and tried techniques that can cure headache. But to get instant relief from headache, one can use these simple techniques.

# Cut one potato into slices. Rub off these slices onto your forehead. Ache will subside in a while.


# Smash some ginger and add into boiling water. Boil the water for fifteen minutes. Remove and then add few drops of lemon and drink.

#Smash two cloves of garlic. Rub it to your forehead. Put a cloth on your forehead. See the result in a while.

#Drink two to three glasses of water. Sometimes head may be due to dehydration.

#Massage your scalp with luke warm coconut oil. This would give you relief from the pain.

#Crush cabbage leaf and keep it on your forehead. the water must drip from the leaf to your forehead.


#Aloevera is a best medicine to cure to all kinds of pain. Apply aloevera on your forehead.

#Crush some Tulsi leaves between your palms. Inhale the smell and apply the leaf on your forehead.

#Drink black coffee without adding milk.

Best way to be healthy is eating well, sleeping on time and exercising. Sheershasan is the best yoga method to fight against brain problems. It supplies blood to the brain and one can get relief from several problems related to brain.



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