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Daiva aaradhane a unique and distinct ritual of Tulunad

Tulunad, has many rituals in its soil which distinguishes the very land from others in its own way.

Photo 25-03-16, 09 35 47One such ritual is ‘Daivaradhane’. ‘Daiva’ or ‘Bhoota’ are powerful agents of god and goddess, who have supernatural power slightly less than that of god/ess.

They are the protectors of land, health and wealth of the people here. Almost every house in Tulunad have one or the other Daiva or Bhoota.

Every year Kola and Nema to be given to these Bhoota and Daiva according to the powerful position the house holds in the community.

The basic thought behind worshiping these bhootas and daivas came from the belief that they protect ones farm land and gives good fortune. One who overthrows the daiva can never be successful in his life.

What distinguishes these kola and nema from vaidik culture is that there is no inequality and bias based on cast. People who belong to all casts actively participate in the ritual. No one is denied to enter the ‘Saana’ (temple) during the ritual.

The richest and poorest of any community has equal responsibility and no one is treated with any prejudices. The ‘Gurkar’ of the community holds highest place in the event to whom daiva communicates and conveys its messages.

Photo 10-04-14, 06 55 54The people with supernatural powers who helped poor and suppressed masses were believed and worshiped. Even today the disputes which couldn’t be solved in courts can be resolved in ‘Chavadi’ of daiva. No one dares to question the verdict of these bhoota and daiva till date.

The kola and nema are a treat to watch. Every year thousands of devotees participate in the ritual and get themselves blessed from the daiva. Nudi and Gaggara of these daivas are ultimate authority for the people of  entire village.


The costumes and presentations of these rituals differ from place to place where ‘Patri’ has absolute freedom to do his make up and actions.

The basic idea of these rituals are to depict those real moments that might have taken place once upon a time in the past and to give assurance to the people that it would safeguard the life of innocent people.

Time may have changed but the belief has become stronger and stronger as the number of devotees attend these rituals are ever increasing every year. It may look superstitious but one cant deny the fact that these supernatural powers still exists in  nature…